Recruitment Process Outsourcing

CV Sourcing

  • Sourcing of active candidates through deep search on multiple job boards, Internet, LinkedIn and other resources.
  • Our CV sourcing experts are experienced recruiters and are capable of selecting a right fit as per the job description that will meet your job requirements on your recruiting parameters such as; skills, industry, nationality, current location, age, target companies, level of experience, etc.
  • Our recruiters understand the key points in the job role and identify potential candidates.
  • We work before you start working on the given job role so when your recruiters arrive at work they have all the necessary information to start the day, this gets you way ahead from your competition who have just started understanding the job roles.
Candidate Profiling

  • We begin when your competition is asleep and get you the lead that is needed to keep you ahead of the race.
  • We evaluate the candidate against your brief understand his/hers motive to move into a new job role and their interest to put forward their CV for your clients.
  • This helps your recruiters to use their valuable time to start the submittal process rather then start the day by trawling job boards and LinkedIn profiles.
  • This candidates will be already spoken for as your competition is still searching them on job boards.
Internet Research & Company Mapping

  • By monitoring a host of social networking sites, exhibition sites, industry forums and so on we build a strong and targeted research strategy to build in a data of passive candidates, companies, competitors hierarchy.
  • All this is done by considering different criteria’s like salary, location, Job type, company size, industry, sector etc…
  • This not only saves you a lot of time and effort but gives your company or recruiters time to do the best that they do which is recruiting.
  • Above all this you get loads of data to work on be it the recruiting side of your business or to gage the competitors strength and plan your strategy accordingly.
CV Formatting

  • We work assiduously and at a stride to get back the candidates CV in your desired style and format.
  • We follow your instructions to develop a structured and superior quality CV in a format that is familiar to your clients.
  • As the service is cost effective you can benefit by outsourcing this to us which will help you reduce overhead cost and control your finances as well.
  • Known to us the market has grown competitive and in order to survive you need to give the best first impression which will be a good quality formatted CV meeting your industry and sector needs.
Database Management & Cleansing

  • This service helps our clients to take away all the pain that is needed to extract a data from the databases they have invested in and focus on the valuable function of their businesses.
  • We help our clients to store the data in their desired databases as instructed which eases the accessibility and eliminates the possibility of duplication.
  • We can convert any kind of data in your desired format or work on any kind of database as we have people who have the expertise to work on different forms of database management systems.
  • While doing this we do not forget that data is what the company survives on so all the data security measures are our priority.
Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

  • We understand how necessary it is for businesses to crack big deals but someone needs to first go through time-consuming, frustrating cold-calling, and pre-qualifying activities.
  • Let us take care of this tedious tasks and let your sales team and recruiters focus on what they do best. As these same people are more effective on nurturing these hot opportunities and maintaining long term relationships with existing clients.
  • With our quality controlled and confirmed appointments you would see a good percentage of increase in your teams performance both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Our each approach call is crafted with relevant information establishing need, presenting your business and winning a client for you.
Job Search

  • We work as a source of information for you to get the latest job opportunities available in market.
  • We make available those job opportunities which are hard to find.
  • This gives you a base to pitch your business and achieve those companies as clients which you had always desired.
  • We have researchers with expertise in different industries and geographies which gives you a global as well as local approach.
E – Commerce Website Update

  • Keeping your website updated can be time consuming and full of hassle.
  • We keep your website updated in a timely fashion.
  • Update the out of date information on your website.
  • Keep the latest updated list of products available.