Personnel Placement and HR Services for Shipyards

Man Power is the most essential factor on a shipyard. With the help of the right people who work in the shipyard, building ships becomes a very reliable process. Shipyard industry offers various jobs for qualified Naval Architects, Engineers (Civil, Mechanical,Electrical),Construction Supervisors, Welders, Solderers, Cutters, Electricians, Painters, Carpenters and Plumbers. There are certain skills that are required for these jobs, we thoroughly understand these requirements on account of our experiecne and services provided to many corporates.

We cater companies with best human resource solution to the shipyard industry by studying its necessities precisely.We select candidates after a number of interviews and after evaluating their skill sets. We also see through it that their proper information and documentation is carried out.

If you are looking forward to hire manpower for your company through a trusted firm, you are at the right spot. Kindly send in your requirements.