Personnel Placement and HR Services for Corporates

Every industry needs people with diverse skillsets to serve various job functions. From Administration and Purchase to Sales and Operations, we at Lighthouse 360 have the experience and the expertise in providing staffing solutions across job functions to companies across industries. Shipping, Oil & Gas, Media, Logistics, Constructions, Medical and Hospitality are some of the industries we have been catering to in recent times.

We try and gain insights into our clients requirements basis the job descriptions, the brief and the subsequent meetings with the client. We then identify the candidate profiles that best-match the client’s requirement, interview them, understand their subject knowledge, ascertain their experience, gauge the skills and then present the most matching profiles to our clients. This in turn work both ways, the candidates gets a chance to build a quality career while our clients get to work with the most deserving candidates.

We have been successfully recruiting for different segments of the industry and across job functions and for different hierarchy levels.

If you are looking out for staffing solutions or are looking for a job in any industry, do send in your staffing requirements or resume right here.