Job Listing

Climbing the career ladder can be an exhilarating but sometimes overwhelming ride. For the majority of professionals, the conclusion of academic study leads to starting out professional working life in an entry level position in their chosen field.

For many, the ambition to build a career results in a focus on working hard, developing and improving skills and remaining open-eyed to possible opportunities to advance to the next level. For others, a new career opportunity could involve moving into a new industry, or even breaking out on their own to set up a business.

Identifying a career opportunity is only part of the process. Take time to consider what is important to you. What skills do you want to improve on? Are you searching for career trajectory? Do you want to be in a leadership position and do you have what it takes to lead a team? Is your focus on increasing your salary? Are you ready to take on extra responsibilities and with that, extra pressure? And always try to think one step ahead; what are the options for the next career opportunity, once you have succeeded with this one.

When you are looking to advance your career or take a leap to a new industry to:

  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities in your current company
  • Take a step back to reassess your priorities
  • Take the time to prepare your resume
  • Be proactive, patient and persistent This will ensure you are ready to act when the right opportunity presents itself

For the benefit of Job seekers, we have listed below some of the latest Jobs in leading Companies.