For Employers

What is Lighthouse?
LIGHTHOUSE 360 is the first choice recruitment agency for the maritime industry in India. Our aim is to bring you the highest quality of candidates – people who can make a lasting and positive impact to your organisation.

Why choose Lighthouse?
We cover entire life cycle of a marine related professional starting from being a Cadet to becoming a Master or Chief Engineer then stepping ashore for their first shore job and assisting in building their career.

For our services, contracts and agreements. Please contact us on
+91 – 22 – 42136789/ 22830415

For Candidates

What will be the career growth if I accept this offer?
This offer will be a add on value to your career which will take your career to the next level.

What are the remunerations?
Remunerations changes from company to company, with respect to different designation levels and candidates past work experience.

Do I need to pay consultancy fees if I accept the offer and join?
No, the candidate does not need to pay the consultancy fees

Do you have any more relevant job openings in the pipe line?
Yes, for other relevant job openings please visit “Job Listing” page on our website.

Which other industries you cater your recruitment services?
As of now, we cater to marine and logistics industry.

How do you contact us?
+91 – 22 – 42136789/ 22830415

If you feel you have the necessary qualities and would like to consider a career in recruitment with Lighthouse 360, please submit a full CV as a Word attachment, in strictest confidence, to us.